Fish leather

Fish leather offers designers and producers a unique opportunity to work with exotic leather without compromising their green credentials.

Atlantik is a shining example of how a by-product of food production can be utilised: Our raw material is fish skin, from fish caught at sea or farmed for food. Not a single hide in our tannery comes from an animal bred for its skin. If not used by us, the skin would simply be discarded. Instead of going into the bin, it enables us to manufacture exotic luxury leather. Now that is value added!

Salmon leather

Atlantik does use salmon leather for its production. Salmon leather is thin, flexible and very strong.

The texture is smooth and refined. Most importantly, however, salmon leather takes colour well: The hues are bright and even, the range of colours broad and subtle. The leather can even be produced in a bright white!

Salmon leather goes with everything – it always looks good. Experience has taught us that salmon leather is, quite simply, a classic.